Passion to Profit – An Art Business Guide

Passion to Profit – An Art Business Guide

A Guide to Turn Your Artistic Passion into a Profitable Business.
Many individuals dream of turning their cherished hobbies into lucrative enterprises, and this aspiration is entirely within reach with a well-thought-out strategy. Whether you possess a fervor for painting, an affinity for crafting, or a dedication to fitness, this article shared by Artnbuff provides you with valuable insights on how to transition from a hobbyist to a successful business owner.

Poem: I burned.

The fire that took you will not return-             it was put out,                     smothered                              dampened             until it could no longer burn. But it is hard to discern             the past from the present             to separate the two is something I must learn  until i no longer think of myself as abandoned-  I haven’t, not yet            but i will, for you            I will not forget            But i will rewrite my…

Poem: Smoke trials

The sacrificial flame burns high The licks of orange and red flicker White marble, red flames mix, blend, liquify  What he has done is unadvised- (Treasenous perhaps) But Cale watches-  Hypnotized, Hopeful. If the offerings burned in the holy flames of the altar can reach Olympus itself- Can they reach someone else? What about Cale’s mother? Could his letters reach her in Elysium? He hopes so, -so…